Skeleton Sea at 2010 Roxy Jam

The Roxy Jam is a unique mixed concept of ASP women’s longboard world championships, surfing, art and music. This year the Roxy Jam expo has adopted “Recycling” as this year’s theme. Jerome Catz from Spacejunk Gallery, who was in charge of the artistic expo,  invited Skeleton Sea  to exhibit some selected works at the 2010 Roxy Jam in Biarritz (10.-14. July 2010).

Famous sculptures like the Flipflop Fish, the Cavallo Marino and the unique Bin Tin caused a big buzz amongst the hundreds of spectators visiting the contest and art expo at the Cote Basque during the four days of the event. Despite the many good looking girls in the water and on the beach it seemed as the Bin Tin was the most attractive object for all photographers and was shot numerous times. Surf and mainstream media like Arte TV, MTV, The Surfers Journal and Surfsession were impressed by the exhibited works as well. In addition the Skeleton Sea message was displayed on a big billboard providing some in depth information about the artist group and their philosophy.

The 2010 Roxy Jam was another great opportunity for Skeleton Sea to get the message of ‘keeping the ocean clean’ out to the public.

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