Skeleton Sea Exhibition presented by Amstel Surfilm Festibal in Bilbao

The Skeleton Artist Group is preparing to exhibit in the Basque city of Bilbao from September 18, 2010 until the end of the year. The 15-week residency at the Maritime Museum of Bilbao comes off the back of well received and attended exhibitions in Munich, San Sebastian and Biarritz.

The new exhibition space in Bilbao will host no fewer than 34 different pieces from the creative collective known as the Skeleton Artist Group. Importantly, the exhibition in the capital of Biscay will also see the unveiling of four new pieces that are sure to generate plenty of conversation among visitors.
Given the recent catastrophic environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, a new sculpture entitled ‘Innocent Victim’ represents a very timely addition to the Skeleton Sea exhibition. The dolphin sculpture, constructed entirely from trash recovered on beaches, was inspired by the terrible dangers posed by man to dolphins and sea life in general. Standing next to another piece named (S)Hell Gas Station, the exhibition promises to make a very clear statement on the critical importance of keeping our oceans clean.

The exhibition in Bilbao is presented by the Amstel Surfilm Festibal and will also host an inspiring video installation documenting the creative process behind a popular work of art called ‘Flip Flop Fish’. The sculpture in question – underlining the scale of consumer pollution on our coastlines¬† – is particularly relevant given Bilbao’s close proximity to the ocean.

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the Museo Maritimo Ria de Bilbao if you’re passing through the Basque Country this Autumn – there’s no better opportunity to enjoy the Skeleton Sea exhibition and to digest a creative view of the world that is educational, inspiring and entertaining in equal measure.

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