2005, Xandi Kreuzeder, Luis de Dios, Joao Parrinha
Material: Rubbish, floatsom; Size: 200 x 60 x 100cm
Location: Fuerteventura, Spain


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Captured in Strait of Gibraltar.
Stomach adapted to the new sea fauna. Generated by the humanbeings: rubbish and debris. Huge teeth to pick up and devour products useless to humans and, certainly, to the sea.

Adapted habitat: sea surface, coast and river estuaries

Natural habitat: the sea abysm

Average live spam: unpredictable.

Main feature: adaptation to the future.


The project

This beautiful somehow scary fish is the latest piece of art of Skeleton 3. It is made out of floatsom which our friends Joao Parrinha, Luis de Dios and Xandi Kreuzeder found at the beach. They call it Bin Tin, the “Oceancleaner”.

Why, because he has swallowed all kinds of litter. You can see different departements of it`s stomach are filled with cigarette butts, can´s, slippers and plastic bags.

BinTin at exhibitions:

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