New Skeleton Sea Website

The launch of the fully revamped website underscores the commitment of the group of artists to their core message: “Keep the oceans clean.“

In addition to a comprehensive art gallery featuring works by Luis de Dios, Xandi Kreuzeder and João Parrinha and a new section with images and videos (Stills & Motion), the new website also offers an array of additional features.

The new Skeleton Sea blog provides information on all current exhibitions and projects. The artists also allow activists they have befriended to express their views here as well as provide news on their own activities.

The integration of the Skeleton Sea Facebook page into the new website enhances interactivity, with all updates and actions by the artists group also disseminated via this
channel. This means that anyone wishing to remain in the loop can also connect with Skeleton Sea via Facebook, ensuring that they don’t miss out on any initiative.

With immediate effect all visitors to the new Skeleton Sea website can also post comments on the different contributions or publish articles directly on their Facebook profile via the “Like” button.

Download ENGLISH version (PDF, 190kb)

Download GERMAN version (PDF, 190kb)