Quiksilver Foundation and Skeleton Sea join forces

Munich, Germany – June 9, 2011 – Skeleton Sea, an artistic collective whose main focus is highlighting the importance of keeping our oceans clean, has recently joined forces with the Quiksilver Foundation.

As a non-profit organization working to provide environmental, educational, health and youth-related projects to boardriding communities around the world, the Quiksilver Foundation is
the perfect partner for a new creative project that underlines just a few of the terrible consequences of plastic pollutants in our oceans.

Inspired by the tragic story and images of Albatross chicks on Medway Island dying slow and agonizing deaths due to ingested plastics consumed in error by the seabirds, the Skeleton Sea artists, including collaborators Xandi Kreuzeder and Joao Parrinha, created a new installation and accompanying short film titled the ‘Albatross Exhibitionist’.

Constructed using a selection of plastics recovered during a beach cleaning exercise in Msambweni, Kenya, the Albatross Exhibitionist measures 155x195x60 cm and represents a stark reminder to us all about the importance of cleaning up our collective act.

Xandi Kreuzeder picks up the story, saying: “The Albatross Exhibitionist installation and film will hopefully provide viewers with a rare moment of self-reflection – it’s a little snapshot of
just one of the many negative impacts we have on the planet. The installation and film are intended to inspire people to think about what they can do to minimize that impact. Ultimately, we always strive to create work that inspires changes in behavior, and this piece is no different in that sense.”

After the successful unveiling ceremony at the International Ouiksilver Sales Meeeting end of May 2011, the Albatross Exhibitionist installation and film will now be on public display at a number of surf contests, starting at the world-famous Roxy Pro in Biarritz, France July 13. – 17. 2011.

And to help spread the word and raise awareness further and wider, Quiksilver and Skeleton Sea have also come together to create men’s and women’s Albatross Exhibitionist tees, each
of which will be available to purchase in either black or white. It goes without saying, of course, that any profits from the sale of the tees will go directly to the Quiksilver Foundation.

Download ENGLISH version (PDF, 460kb)

Download GERMAN version (PDF, 460kb)