The Albatross Exhibitionist on tour

The Albatross Exhibitionist had been exhibited at the Mad Nes Festival  24 – 26.6.11 in Holland and at the Roxy Pro in Biarritz mid of July 2011.

The attention of the sculpture is always great, especially when the people watch our Albatross video. We also are proud that the short film was and will be shown at several surf film festivals, e.g. the Ombok festival in Bali, the Surf Film Festival in Anglet, in Switzerland and more…

The upcoming year will be be very exciting for our Albatross Exhibitionist and connected to a lot of travels throughout the world!

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On the other side we take great attention to Chris Jordan´s and Ian Hinkle´s film project about Midway Journey! There is a great trailer to watch for their new film…check it out!

We are at a mid-way place. On a remote and isolated island in the middle of the Pacific, twelve-hundred miles northwest of Hawaii.
This is a moment in time, a chance to witness and understand our role in an astonishing environmental tragedy. This is a place that provides context. Here, reflected in the beauty of the Albatross, is an unfolding horror. Yet it is a horror in which we see our own lives, a snapshot of our impact on the planet that challenges us to consider how to move forward….

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