Skeleton Sea heads north to spain’s basque country

Munich, Germany – 30 September 2011 – The Skeleton Sea exhibition is on the move again, leaving its temporary home in Valencia, Spain and moving north to the Basque Biodiversity Centre at the Torre Madariaga in North West Spain.

Located just a couple of kilometers inland from the world-famous beach break and surf spot of Mundaka, Torre Madariaga will offer a beautiful new home to the Skeleton Sea exhibition from the day it opens its doors to the general public on October 6, 2011 right through to February 2012.

The opening of the new exhibition, showcasing the actual collection along with most of the pieces that were so well received in Valencia over the course of the last year, will also mark the unveiling of Roxy Mermaid – a new work of art created by Xandi Kreuzeder, one of the creative collective’s founding artists.

Created by Xandi during the Roxy Pro surf contest that took place in Biarritz in July, Roxy
Mermaid was constructed using flotsam and jetsam recovered from both the local area and
further afield, including the beaches of Kenya and Indonesia. The arresting sculpture
attracted widespread attention during the course of the event, as visitors stopped by to view
Xandi’s progress from one day to the next.

Upon completion and sat serenely on the rocks overlooking the ocean, Roxy Mermaid
wasted no time in expressing an important and ever worsening issue – pollution in our

Reflecting on the latest addition to the ever-expanding Skeleton Sea exhibition, Xandi
Kreuzeder said: “The creative idea behind the work was to contrast the beauty of this wellknown
mythical being with the ugly truth that lurks beneath the surface of our oceans. Roxy
Mermaid represents another way for us to spread the collective’s environmental message
based around the importance of keeping our oceans clean.”

Whether you live in the area or you’re just passing through on a surf trip, be sure to visit the thought-provoking and educationally stimulating Skeleton Sea exhibition in the picturesque
surroundings of Torre Madariaga at the Basque Biodiversity Centre.

For information about the new exhibition venue:

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