Guest artist Fran Crowe

We proudly present our new guest artist Fran Crowe from Great Britain. We are very happy to have her on board of our new exhibition at the Centro de Diversidad Torre Madriaga in the Basque Country near Mundaka.

Fran Crowe completes our exhibition perfectly.  Same as Skeleton Sea, she works with marine debris and is raising awareness  to keep the oceans clean!

A lifelong collector of the discarded and unvalued, Fran Crowe presents what she finds – and what she finds out…

Sometimes playful but at the same time deadly serious, her practice frequently draws attention to how we foul our own nest, in particular through our use of plastics and their impact on our oceans and coastline. She is passionate about the Suffolk coast where she lives and her work is rooted in this sense of place and her experiences of it.

One of her major projects was a personal challenge to collect 46,000 pieces of rubbish whilst walking on beaches near her home in order to ‘save’ one square mile of ocean*. Her challenge took a year to complete and in total Fran collected nearly one-third of a tonne of rubbish.

Fran makes huge installations or bold displays of multiple items with what she finds: initial impressions are often visually stunning – but the sting is in the detail… it shocks while it entertains, creating a hopefully unforgettable message.

Both fascinating and provocative, her work, above all, questions our contemporary addiction to consumerism and its consequences, especially for the marine environment – paradoxically, often through the subversion of consumerism’s tools. Often she makes ‘keepsakes’ (souvenirs, matchboxes, seed packets) – a visual reminder and a talking point to take away.

Her huge collections of found items have a global, not just a local, message: they are just a tiny proportion of the 6.4 million tonnes of rubbish that the US Academy of Science estimates enters the world’s oceans every year. Her installations offer a tongue-in-cheek but frank self-portrait of ourselves: a kind of contemporary – and disturbing – archaeological dig.

Fran graduated from Norwich School of Art & Design in 2006 and was awarded the Babylon bursary for emerging artist in 2007.
Solo exhibitions include Walking to save some sea at Landguard Fort, Felixstowe (2008), Found Out at Babylon Gallery, Ely (2009), Cast Away on Orford Ness (2010) and Lines of Exchange, Snape Maltings (2011)
Her work featured in the BBC Radio 4 documentary, The Art of Litter, in 2009.

Fran’s work can be seen on her website

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