‘Keep the Oceans Clean!’ in Cape Town

After a beach clean at Mouille Point at Green Point with over 140 people, the rubbish was sorted and washed, then taken to the Waterfront Craft Market where Art Workshops were conducted by the Skeleton Sea artists João Parrinha and Xandi Kreuzeder.

School children and members of the general public were welcomed to help turn ‘trash into treasure’ by creating a small fish or marine creature out of the rubbish that have been combined to form this intriguing aquarium called ‘Future Sea.’

Plastic fish, turtles, penguins, jellyfish and a lobster made out of a toothbrush are all part of this beautiful scene that reminds us to think about what we are putting into our oceans – which are becoming a plastic soup full of our rubbish – and why we need to value all the creatures that live in the sea, before its too late.

The addition of marine debris by PUMA and CAMPER – collected miles from land in the open ocean, reveals that pollution in the ocean is like the tip of an iceberg – we can only see a fraction of the vast quantities of rubbish that is really out there. The massive red rope and green netting are small examples of the huge extent of rubbish floating in our oceans, intercepted by a Volvo Open 70 on their journey from Alicante, Spain to Cape Town in November 2011.

At the end of the day, this ‘aquarium’ full of plastic fish and marine creatures sends a resounding message to ‘keep the oceans clean!’

Text: J.Smith
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Sofia Hellqvist visits the Volvo Ocean Race Cape Town village with children from Project Playground, who made art with the Skeleton Sea artists.

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