Itsasoko Agurrak – Saludos de la Mar

On Friday the 13. April, 4pm, at the Torre Madariaga Euskadi in North Spain, near the famous wave of Mundaka, around 25 kids and some parents arrived for a beach clean up. We hiked one of the oldest trading tracks along the river of Mundaka down to  the marsh and wetland of the river mouth. In 2 hours we found a lot of plastic and paper trash and some bigger items like a old rusty gas bottle, fishing ropes and plastic barrels. Back at the Torre we selected the garbage and cleaned the things we could use for our art workshop.



On Saturday, April 14th and Sunday April 15th, over 50 kids came with their parents to the art workshop and helped us making very creative flowers for another Skeleton Sea Greetings from the Sea . The installation we named  ITSASOKO AGURRAK  which is the Basque name for ‘bunch of flowers‘. It will be exhibited in Pamplona together with our main Skeleton Sea exhibition for the next month, starting on April 21st, 2012 and after this show it will remain at the Torre Madariaga, Centro de Biodiversidad Euskadi in Busturia near Mundaka.

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