Ocean Initiatives in Ericeira:

As part of the worldwide Oceanic Initiatives Surfrider Ericeira will be holding its campaign from 21st to 24th of March 2013 mainly at Foz do Lisandro beach. Skeleton Sea will join in working with the children in an art workshop at the beach and displaying the Spitting Whale and the Tiger Shark.

The Schools Campaign day is on the 21st o fMarch 2013 for children between 3 and 10 years age. Surfrider Ericeira organizes a day at the beach with a clean up followed by an art workshop in the afternoon. Then the children can help Xandi and Joao creating a crazy deep sea fish full of beach trash. Similar to the BIN TIN or ABYSS made of trash instead of grown flesh and bones, surviving by eating rubbish. Other the other fish, whom have been wiped out as a result of human selfish existence. Natural evolution suggests this dark scenario isn’t entirely improbable, and it’s down to us as the earth’s inhabitants to change our destructive way of life to ensure we don’t end up going down this catastrophic road. During the Skeleton Sea art workshop the kids can help the artists covering the skin of this new fish, with the beach trash found in the morning.

Here are the other daily Surfrider Ericeira activities at the Oceanic Initiatives days:

  • 22nd of March 2013: BBQ SR social evening at AMAR hostel Ericeira
  • 23rd of March 2013: Beach clean up at 14h at Foz do Lisandro
  • 24th of March 2013: Chill out at Foz do Lisandro beach in Ericeira

Skeleton Sea will exhibit its Tiger Shark and the Spitting Whale outside the Na Onda restaurant and surf school all days.