Exhibition@Hotel Straf in Milano during 2013 Design Week

We are proud to announce that Skeleton Sea will be part of the exhibition THE PLASTIC SIDE OF THE SEA at the Hotel Straf in Milano, Italy, during the 2013 Design Week.

STRAFHotel&Bar, from 5th to 14th April 2013, on the occasion of MIART and the Furniture Fair, presents STRAFECOPROJECT 2013 – THE PLASTIC SIDE OF THE SEA, an artistic project by Sarah Mancino with works by Tine Fehr, Skeleton Sea, Sophie Usunier, Vera Pravda, design by Luca Gnizio – FordesignFor and Butoh dance performance with Kea Tonetti and live music by Tivitavi R. Papini.
Founded in 2003, the design hotel & bar STRAF, www.straf.it, is an unconventional space with an intellectual design in the heart of Milan. The several initiatives related to art, music, dance, fashion and design make STRAFhotel&bar a meeting place unique in Italy and in the World.
STRAFhotel&bar, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, becomes a “place of chance” and launches STRAFECOPROJECT, created with the intention of raising awareness on environmental issues.

The exhibition is an exhortation to consciousness and a chance for the future, a deep reflection on the use of non-biodegradable materials and their impact on the seas. On display are the (S)Hell and the Prestige, both a reminder to “Keep our Oceans Clean” – the overall message of Skeleton Sea art created out of ocean debris found on the beaches.

The exhibition of the (S)HELL is delivered by REFEEL.

ReFeel is an independent, integrated energy company characterised by a clear and transparent glocal strategy: green and innovative solutions for the production, distribution and efficient use of energy.

The exhibition of the PRESTIGE is delivered by HOTEL STRAF.

More info and updates on the exhibition will follow on our website.