The Sado River Bisnau

The common dolphin is probably the most known specie in the world. They can reach 4m long, and aprox. 500kg, of weight. It is denominated recently, as a “non human” animal. In Portugal these dolphins, called Roazes corvineiros can be seen in the Sado river, near Setubal. The preservation of the specie depends very much on our concern in keeping our oceans clean. Several species, namely the dolphins, die with their stomachs full of plastics that pollute our rivers and oceans. With this piece of art, that we called “BISNAU”, in a tribute to an old family of fisherman from Setubal, we try to raise awareness for an environmental conscience of our generation and consequently to our children generation so that we can live in a world with a bigger respect for nature and life itself.



Below you find the BISNAU story from the making of to the official hand over to the major of Setubal. Everything started with a beach clean up in Arrabida, Portugal:




Biznau Transport

The BISNAU is handed over to the city of Setubal, which is represented by the Mayor Miss Maria Das Dores Meira and the main sponsor of this awareness project , the diretor-geral da Immochan, Mário Costa.

Bizanu hand-over