Impressions of the Marea Alta Festival…

Here you can see some impressions from the Opening of the Skeleton Sea exhibition at the Marea Alta Festival and from the Art & Surf = Activim Forum. João and Xandi exchanged opinions and views with locals to join passion for sport and art with an ambitious goal: conservation of our seas. João and Xandi presented several projects linking art, activism and surf as inspiration. Artists, athletes and local activists were invited to submit their projects in order to generate exchange and synergies to contribute to the health of the oceans.

Next event for us to to start are the art  workshops with João and Xandi this Friday, Saturday and Snday: All things have a second life, even waste too often found on beaches. And although it seems impossible, many of them hide a great beauty. After a tour around the exhibition, João Parrinha and Xandi Kreuzeder, Skeleton artists, will impart a creative workshop with waste found on beaches. A fun, creative activity and an exercise in awareness for learning in family the value of recycling and being sensitive about the need to rid our seas of garbage. If you want to find time and location please go the Festival website

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