Wooden Surfboard Week Package 2016 Mauka Lodge


Our newly established Skeleton Sea Environmental Art Centre is located in the small village of Santo Isidoro in Portugal, just one kilometre inland from the famous Ribeira D’Ilhas surf beach and seven more waves and beaches outside Ericeira recognized as the only European World Surfing Reserve.

The Skeleton Sea Environmental Art Centre includes a workshop, a gallery and a partnership with a nearby guesthouse for surfers, creative people, nature and ocean lovers. The guesthouse sits on more than an acre of natural forest, where the scent of the pine trees and the songs of the local birds allow an effortless connection to nature.

For our creative guests Xandi provides workshops of crafting – wooden Surfboards – Alaias – wooden SUP Paddles – Hand planes.

Fixed dates for wooden Surfboard workshop weeks are:
23.5 – 1.6. 2016
15.7. – 22.7. 2016
29.8 – 5.9.2016
28.9. – 5.10.2016
for all other dates and reservations please contact us at info@skeletonsea.com.

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