Polvo Azul

2015, Joao Parrinha & Xandi Kreuzeder
Material: Mixed Beach Trash; Size: 450 cm diameter
Location: Ericeira, Portugal

On the occasion of the World Ocean Day in June 2015 the Blue Octopus was created as a symbol for the clean waves around Ericeira in Portugal – the world’s first and only World Surfing Reserve in Europe!
Besides surfers there are plenty of octopuses that swim in the ocean off the coast of Ericeira. These intelligent creatures are able to solve complex tasks like opening jars with screw tops or imitating the skills of fellow octopuses through observation. Some species are even capable of copying the look of other animals.
In the week preceding the World Ocean Day Skeleton Sea cleaned the beaches around Ericeira with local school kids. They then turned the waste into artworks including the eight arms and head of the Polvo Azul.
The blue color pays homage to the Blue Flag Association that only grants a blue flag to beaches with high ecological standards and premium water quality. Therefore the Blue Octopus also works as a symbol indicating that the World Surfing Reserve Ericeira not only protects waves but also makes sure that the beaches and the ocean’s water stay clean.