Celebrate the World Oceans Day!

To help raise awareness for the preservation of our natural resources, using art as an ally in promoting creative recycling. The Skeleton Sea Art Gallery has accepted this challenge, along with the Municipality of Mafra and the Parishes of Carvoeira, Ericeira and St. Isidoro, thereby organizing several beach clean-ups and creative workshops that aim to celebrate the World Environment Day (June 5) and World Oceans Day (June 8), under the inspiration of “Ericeira, World Surfing Reserve.”

Communicating with a conservational message – Keep the Oceans and Beaches Clean – these activities shall take place between the 5th and 8th of June, on the beaches of Foz do Lizandro and Ribeira d’Ilhas.

The project seeks to promote in Portugal the Good Environmental Status (GES) in local marine and coastal waters and improve Ocean literacy levels amongst different age groups of the Portuguese School Community, transferring good habits learnt in school into the household, so that behaviour change can have ripple effects in the wider population. We believe that people are most successful in achieving change when they have support for their decisions. This comes best when people work together – connecting with others, doing similar things and sharing experiences.

The intention is not only to invite participantes to collect beach trash but to also find new uses for old things, making art from the collected materials and thus jointly create a guardian installation piece for the first World Surfing Reserve in Europe – because together we are stronger and united we can go further! This “Octupus” piece will be presented at Ribeira d’Ilhas beach and is to remain throughout the year as a guardian symbol of marine and coastal water preservation.

Little artists will be creating true “Presents of the Sea” by helping raise awareness and build community support for the adoption of more sustainable behavior. The action reminds us of what happens to waste, in a exercise of citizenship that raises awareness of environmental issues and enables participantes to find suitable materials for art creation. The project transgresses material boundaries, collecting rubbish and quick-to apply materials to focus on self expression and environmental learning rather than on artistic skill development.