An Ocean of Change – Media information in English

Ericeira, Portugal – Media information on the 4th of April 2019

An Ocean of Change – Beach Clean Up by Skeleton Sea in cooperation with Ocean Hope and Futurix promoted by the European Parliament Office and the European Commission Representation in Portugal.


What waves spit out onto our beaches is only a mere fraction of the unnatural things clogging up the oceans. What is happening to our oceans? Even as they slosh towards a gaping unknown, where their pollution continues to increase, the emerging title „An Ocean of Change“ represents a positive transition amid a torrent of watery woe: respectful treatment of nature, prevention of rubbish and taking measures to return health to our seas.


The 2019, the European Maritime Day– EMD 2019 will take place on the 16th and 17th of May in Lisbon. The focus of the EMD2019 will be on blue entrepreneurship, innovation and investment to transform traditional maritime sectors and boost emerging technologies and value chains. A specific focus will be put on research and innovation for a plastic-free ocean.

„Skeleton Sea – Art from the Sea” will exhibit two of their renowned works of art: “Mermaid” and „Abyss“ both created using ocean refuse.


The cooperation between three eco-friendly initiatives located around Lisbon in partnership with the European Parliament Office and the European Commission Representation in Portugal is far more than simply a temporary success and actively involves the population.

„An Ocean of Change“ is the slogan under which something can be done together, both with and for nature and then be exhibited. The eight week plus spring campaign not only garners attention for the protection of nature and the environment, but also transfers it into everyday life.

The three-part campaign consists of „Beach cleaning“, „Turn Trash into Art“ workshops and the exhibition of those works at the „Praça da Europa” in Lisbon.


The beach cleaning kick-off will take place on the 25th April 2019, on the Foz do Lizandro Beach, in Ericeira, right on the Atlantic coast where the spring storms bring along a flotsam of rubbish onto the shores; filth, litter and oddities. Things that do not belong in its waters. Things that are not made naturally from the sea. Flotsam and jetsam, cargo dropped overboard. Adventurous and funny stories are hidden within some of the objects that are left washed ashore, but the majority have no nostalgic backgrounds. Instead, they pose a terrible threat to vegetation and lifeforms in the water. A heap of garbage that has no place in the sea and should generally be avoided. However, on the 6th April, between 10am-1pm at least the Foz do Lizandro beach will be freed from it.


One week later, the trash will be processed from the beach clean up. The Skeleton Sea artists Xandi Kreuzeder and João Parrinha will work with children. Creativity exists in all of us and anyone and everyone can make something out of the waste the ocean has spat back out at us. Inspiration is provided by the imposing „Polvo Incognito“ the „incognito octopus“, who will be emblazoned on the „Square of Europe” in Lisbon until the 8th June 2019 – the annual World Ocean Day, along with the winners of the international photo competition “I live by the Ocean”.


  • 25th April 2019: Beach clean up, Ericeira, Foz do Lizandro
  • 2nd and 3rd May 2019: Turn Trash into Art workshops, Lisbon, Praça de Europa
  • 2nd May until 8th June 2019: Street art exhibition, Lisbon, Praça de Europa
  • 16th and 17th May 2019: European Maritime Day, Lisbon, Congress Center Lisbon
  • 8th June 2019: World Ocean Day, worldwide