The2nd stop of “An Ocean of Change” is on it’s way tomorrow …

A pile of garbage in a capital city!
Where has it come from? From the ocean!

Washed up on the shores  and ignored, as it is easier to look away, and next to it, a gargantuan octopus! Who is he? Polvo Incognito, created from ocean refuse and drawing much attention since becoming a being of its own!

This situation can be found on the 2nd and 3rd of May, 2019 at the Praça da Europa, the „Square of Europe”, in Lisbon. Skeleton Sea artists, Xandi Kreuzeder his team will take children with them on a creative journey.  In the “Turn Trash into Art” workshops, the second stop on “An Ocean of Change”, all the material found at the April beach clean near Ericeira will be transformed into art.

As with the beach cleanup, people get personal with the trash. At first sight of the rubbish, massively differing reactions can be heard. Exclamations such as: “What a treasure!” Or “That’s trash!” And yes:  It is intended to draw attention, stimulate creativity and trigger emotions, as this is where the creating begins. Fantasy and technology play equal roles where, from oceanic regurgitated odds and ends, something new is born. Whether observed soberly or full of emotion: it is art.

Frighteningly gloomy, joltingly impulsive or joyfully colourful – ultimately, all of these works tell a story. Every piece, every history helps to improve the perception of nature and its protection. From those who create in the “Turn Trash into Art” workshop, to those who come to look at the resulting exhibitions.

About Turn Trash into Art workshops by Skeleton Sea

”Turn Trash into Art” workshop sessions by Skeleton Sea are an interactive activity creating art from beach trash and in doing so, trying to change everyday habits and inspire communities, schools and families to take pride in their natural surroundings.