Make your own wooden Surfboard

Every detail matters. Our hollow wooden surfboards are hand crafted, surf-able works of art that set the quality bar for every product we make and sell. Build your own wooden surfboard with original FCS Pauwlonia wood. Clean – sustainable – environmental friendly. We teach you to build your own board with the original Strip and feather method, invented by Rich Blundell. Hollow wooden boards are very light and much more durable than foam and polyester boards.  _A9Y9713-Kopie _A9Y3810

The ride feel is unique …it´s like playing your own wooden made instru­ment and the look is just gorgeous…definitely an eye catcher on the beach.

Information & Prices
Duration: 1 week/ 4 hours/day
Capacity: min. 2 persons – max. 5 persons
Price/Person: EUR 450,–
Material costs are seperate:
EUR 45,– per foot board.
EUR 80,– for fibre glassing.

Please contact us for reservations.
Send us an email to: !