A group of three surfers created this green art project with the entire message to keep the ocean clean.
Art boasting a very distinctive style, using flotsam and jetsam: beach trash, weathered and dead materials. The artistic interpretation and composition of these materials brings them back to life, forming skeleton-like objects and mixed media installations. The importance of keeping the oceans clean, and the importance of respecting nature and human rights is the message the three artists wish to communicate through Skeleton Sea.

During the breaks in between surfing we began to salvage the precious objects: very old Chinese glass buoys wrapped in ropes, lots of brightly polished whale and fish bones, fishermen’s buoys of all kind, up to 1.5 metre thick rusty oil rig buoys, wooden and rusty metal parts of ship wrecks, porcelain pieces and a lot of other things.

That is how the idea was raised to do an art project with these treasures from the sea to use them in sculptures and installations on the coast.
Artists João Parrinha, Luis de Dios and Xandi Kreuzeder have joined forces to create Skeleton Sea. All three are ambitious surfers, and all three have also established several art projects to date. They work in an effort to communicate their visions of the meeting point between Mother Nature, Sport and Art. Their creations have made a successful contribution to raising environmental awareness from the perspective of those that rely on nature to feed their passion for sport. For more information about the artists, please click here.
Keep the ocean and beaches clean!