Ocean awareness photography


The workshop is designed for everyone from complete novices to advanced photo­graphers. You don´t necessarily need a photo camera but it´s recommended to bring your own equipment. The action is more about the creativity and approach to realise a photography and graphic design with a strong ocean awareness message.

SKE_Poster_TahitiWave_Color_160x70x5 Kopie

SKE_Poster_Prestige_140x200x5 Kopie


First half day: Get together and brainstorm about good ideas, which we can realise in our area and with our equipment. Professional photographer Xandi Kreuzeder will introduce you to the photo technical side and there will be a professional graphic designer for all the work done on the computer. Then we will organise the photo shoot, equipment, light, props, locations, etc.

Second half-day: The field day: We go out and photograph. Xandi will help you with his experience and you can experiment with his professional cameras and lenses.

Third day: Office Day on the computer with our professional graphic designer to realise your personal ocean awareness print. In the end we will print one poster size awareness print of each participant – you can take it home.

Skeleton Sea will stay with the copyrights, files and will exhibit these photo awareness prints for a collective exhibition in the gallery.

Information & Prices
Duration: 3 half hours
Capacity: min. 5 persons
Price/Person: EUR 150,–
including the print on canvas.