Sustainalbe surfing


This workshop is about the sustainability of surfing and is divided into 3 blogs.

1. Lecture and slideshow:
Xandi´s talk will introduce you to the problems of our non-sustainable lifesty­le, how it affects us as surfers and what conclusions we have.

  • Introduction
  • Energy
  • Travel
  • Stuff
  • Conclusion

2. Sustainable Surf showroom:
The story of surf stuff. A good selection of sustainable surf equipment and refe­rences to look, feel and get inspired.

3. Bio Surf Wax:
You can cook your own 100% bio surf wax with our secret recopy.


Information & Prices
Duration: 4 hours
Capacity: min. 15 persons
Price/Person: EUR 20,–
including 2 blocks of bio wax