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Workshop in Sanya finished

Our workshop during the stop over of the Volvo Ocean Race in Sanya, China just finished and we proudly present the PRESENTS OF THE SEA installation, which will remain in Sailing school of the Serenity Marina in Sanya. Puma skipper Ken Read said, “It’s an incredible place to sail, the sad part is how much stuff is in the water, how much junk there is in the water. How people in the world can’t treat the ocean with more respect is just fully beyond me”. Oceans are so important to all living creatures including us humans. Every second breath we take is oxygen produced by our oceans and the carbon dioxide is absorbed by them too. Without our oceans life on earth would not exist!!I  We hope our Skeleton Sea awareness project  “KEEP THE OCEANS CLEAN” together with the popularity of the Volvo Ocean Race sailing around the world will help to make society aware of the degradation of such a vital part of our ecosystem!! [nggallery id=50]    

An ocean load of problems

A constant stream of debris including a piece of trash the size of a small car has shocked the Volvo Ocean Race sailors as they weave around the potentially boat breaking obstacles in the Malacca Strait. Read the full article under:  

Beachcleaning in Sanya, China

Local students motivated to strengthen Sanya’s tourism stronghold turned out in force at the Keep the Oceans Clean! beach clean at Luhuitou Village Beach on Saturday. The university students joined more than 100 locals, race supporters and the CEO Knut Frostad and made light work of the rubbish including plastic bags, cigarette butts and burger boxes. It is the fourth beach clean organised by environmental campaigners Skeleton Sea and the Volvo Ocean Race through their combined Keep the Oceans Clean! project. Skeleton Sea artist João Parrinha, who again led the clean-up, said the local enthusiasm for protecting the environment was similar to that shown at previous stopovers Alicante, Cape Town and Abu Dhabi. Read the full article under: