Lulu Fish

Artist: João Parrinha
Location of permanent exhibition: National Shipping Company (NGSCO) in Abu Dhabi

Material: mixed beach trash – iron // Size: L 200cm  x  H 150cm

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The story behind the creation of Lulu Fish

In mid 2011, the Volvo Ocean Race made a commitment to ocean conservation by creating the ‘Keep the Oceans Clean!’ project; a collaboration with artist collective Skeleton Sea to creatively spread a message about the importance of looking after the sea.

Central to the ‘Keep the Oceans Clean!’ programme is a moving short film and sculpture installation called Albatross Exhibitionist that tells the compelling story of the impact of litter on albatrosses. In addition, an exhibition of stunning Skeleton Sea sculptures made from beach rubbish also travels around the world with the Volvo Ocean Race, clearly demonstrating our ‘Keep the Oceans Clean!’ message. In each of the ten Stopovers, a community beach clean is organised to literally keep the oceans clean in the local context, and a series of art workshops are held to transform the rubbish collected from ‘trash into treasure’ with the help of the Skeleton Sea Artists.

‘Keep the Oceans Clean!’ in Abu Dhabi

After a beach clean on Lulu Island with approximately 90 people, the rubbish was sorted and washed, then taken to the beach at the Destination Village where Art Workshops were conducted by Portuguese Skeleton Sea artist João Parrinha.

Visitors of all ages were welcomed to creatively decorate a fish scale with rubbish, which João then added to the skeleton frame to create this colourful tropical fish. Please look closely at the types of rubbish that can be found on our beaches and in our oceans – bottle tops, toothbrushes, lighters, ropes and plastics of all descriptions. We hope that Lulu Fish sends a resounding message of the importance to keep the oceans clean.