Message from the Deep

Artist:  Joao Parrinha
Material: Tires, Mixed Beach Trash; Size: 280 cm long
Location of exhibition: May 10 to July 10, 2019 in  Pamplona , Spain

I am majestic, beautiful, the greatest, the one that has traveled the seas for thousands of years. Plastic teaspoons, shampoo bottles, rubber boots, lighters.

I am able to go down to the darkest depths, to travel the seas, letting myself be carried by the currents.

Fishing nets, toothbrushes, plastic cups, more cans, caps and bags from the supermarket.

I maintain and am part of the balance of seas and oceans. Pens, toys, cables, bottles…

I die. I die because you do not know how to live with others.

Pieces of scissors, mobile phones, sunglasses…

I choke, I ulcerate and I die because you have no limit.

I vomit my death on the beach where you threw my killer.

Who is to blame for my illness? Who filled the sea with plastic?

I die with my species while you become guilty of a tragedy.