The Memmo … our latest art work!

This how all got started: Thanks to our friend Joao Rei, organizer of the wonderful Sagres Surf Culture festival (for more info see, we went down South of Portugal in spring 2014 to join this years edition of the festival. With us we had our Tiger Shark, whom was placed in the entrance of the marvellous Memmo Baleeira Hotel (for more info see During our stay in April, Rodrigo Machaz fell in love with our black beauty Tiger Shark, so we left him in his hotel for the next 2 month. During this period of time Rodrigo commissioned us to create an own piece of art  for the Memmo Hotel Sagres which is the icon: The Memmo Camaleão.  This camaleão is about adapting to it’s environment, going to expeditions and discovering new places and people in unforgettable holiday destination.

So Rodrigo organized a beach clean up, we packed our van with tools and other material and by end of June, Joao and Xandi headed down to Sagres again. Guest from the hotel were invited to join in in art workshop helping to create The Memmo  Camaleão. All of us had small neoprene patches onto them we were creating mosaics with plastic beach trash. These patches we mounted to  base structure of the Camaleão, then we painted everything and mounted it on a metal stand.Now the Memmo  Camaleão is placed in the lobby at the Memmo Baleeira Hotel next to the reception welcoming guests around the world. And here you can see what came out of our trip:






























Again thanks a lot to  Rodrigo and Joao for making this happening for us.