Our “Seedlings” project is launched …

We have launched our crowd-funding project called “Skeleton Sea Seedlings” on Kriticalmass https://kriticalmass.com/p/seedlingsproject. Please keep on reading below to find out about the details of this art workshop project and how anyone can help if he likes the idea.

Our “Seedlings” Project aims to inspire communities, schools and families to take pride in their natural resources. Through beach clean-up sessions and interactive workshops, our artists show that art can be a solution to talk about the serious global challenges facing society; pollution, waste, over consumption and climate change.

Our video along the project:


The project seeks to promote in Portugal the Good Environmental Status (GES) in local marine and coastal waters and improve Ocean literacy levels amongst different age groups of the Portuguese School Community, transferring good habits learnt in school into the household, so that behaviour change can have ripple effects in the wider population. We believe that people are most successful in achieving change when they have support for their decisions. This comes best when people work together – connecting with others, doing similar things and sharing experiences.

Representing Europe´s first World Surfing Reserve and partnering with the City Council of Mafra, means that we have the authorisation to intervene with an innovative live installation piece at Ribeira d´Ilhas beach. The Live Art Installation piece will serve to promote the message behind Skeleton Sea  and Ericeira World Surfing Reserve to the wider community, showing both local residents, visitors and international tourists how to act responsibly towards the environment.












The kindly given funds shall provide us with the necessary support to develop weekly Seedlings workshops collective beach clean-ups and supporting teacher training sessions that promote and improve Ocean literacy levels in the Portuguese School Community, while simultaneously seeking to involve a wider audience and inspiring society in general.

Our project has a valuable opportunity to intervene directly with children living in coastal areas, connected to the sea and to teach them about the problems associated with waste and marine litter. We shall interact with communities and talk to youngsters, giving them positive messages so they can keep spreading the word of environmental respect.

We believe that the most important knowledge held by people is the personal experience gained from trying something. This generates the learning that is most useful to others. All Skeleton Sea activities aim to have an action-learning component building on personal experience and reminding us of what happens to waste, in a exercise of citizenship that raises awareness and enables participants to find suitable materials for art creation.


WHY 6,000 EUROS?

We’ve turned to Kriticalmass to raise funds to and expand. We have several milestones for our campaign:

300€ will enable us to run one beach clean-up with a connected Skeleton Sea Seedlings workshop for 25 young participants, with the involvement of 1 artist, 1 marine biologist and 3 teachers, in which children, families and other interested individuals can experience making art from beach trash.

3,600€ will enable us to develop Seedlings workshops for 300 children, with an additional 1.200€ needed for a good deal with a local bus operator – Mafrense, transporting the children to and from the school, the gallery and the selected beach. This would enable us to work with primary school classes from the network of State Schools in Ericeira – Mafra and in particular, lower income families.

6.000€ shall help us support the first World Surfing Reserve in Europe with a permanent installation piece at Ribeira d´Ilhas beach, which has as its principal objective to get under the skin of a community, by drawing attention to the scourge of plastics polluting our oceans.

Ultimately, we’d love to raise a realistic target of 6,000€. Our target is scalable – every additional 300€ we raise will allow us to expand our range of motion, integrating more Seedlings workshops for primary and secondary school classes, as well as for early years children and those connected to land-bound communities, most of whom have never seen the sea. An additional 1.000 € takes us a step closer to incorporating certified teacher training workshops, lead by Marine Biologist Rachel Gaspar, at the Skeleton Sea Gallery – Art Environmental Centre.


  1. First and foremost, we’d love you to purchase one of our inspiring rewards. Take a look at the website of ttps://kriticalmass.com/p/seedlingsproject under the “Presents from the Sea” selection on the right of the page. Remember all of the money raised will go towards supporting Seedlings Workshops, associated transportation costs and a live installation piece.
  2. Liking & Sharing. Spread the word online or maybe even just tell people about our campaign the old fashioned way! Please share with your friends and family and be part of the Skeleton Sea community. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Google plus. Xing.com. Pinterest. Tumblr. Flicker. Instagram. Vimeo. Foursquare.
  3. Spread the word. Turn Trash into Art! Share experience. Even Supporters with a small wallet can make a difference by volunteering their time and expertise to power good. Why not find a beach near you and pick up some marine litter and then Turn Trash into Art! Maybe even make a 2 minutes video showing the creative process? Then post your video to our Facebook page. The project gives everyone an opportunity to protect marine and coastal waters in their own area.
  4. Collaborating. Our ambitions for Skeleton Sea and ocean protection are huge. If you think you or your business can help, please get in touch with us at info@skeletonsea.com.
  5. Lend us a hand. Are you a social media, sales and marketing or short-documentary film production expert? If so, please see the volunteer section of this site or contact us at info@skeletonsea.com.

To read the entire story and project description please go to our website on KRITICALMASS: https://kriticalmass.com/p/seedlingsproject.

Thanks a lot for all your help and support upfront!