Now online our Albatross Film with Portuguese voices …

4 years ago we started the mission in creating awareness for damage done to the wildlife of the oceans by the vast amount of plastic pollution – in this case to the Albatross birds! This  subject may not be the newest but it is still actual and not yet under control or far from solved.

We started last year the Seedlings project in Portugal – turning trash into art!  It is a day at the beach: Cleaning and working with the cleaned findings creating art together with school children. Therefore we decided it is now the time to have a Portuguese voice over of the Skeleton Sea Albatross exhibitionist film.

Thank you so much for the perfect translation Nicole Carp Mascarenhas! The beautiful female voice you are going to hear is from Caroline Oulman Carp and the male voice from Pedro Castanheira. The sound was recorded by their company Tenta Burlesque Productions. Thank you Harry Putz from FreiluftDoku for again editing the sound onto the images . Here it is: