Polvo Incognito

Artists: Joao Parrinha & Xandi Kreuzeder
Location of temporary exhibition: Oceanário de Lisboa, Portugal
Material: Mixed Beach Trash //  Size: 450 cm diameter

Revenge will come.

Forget about the past … we are the survivors.

We do not need to sleep, we do not need to live together as a group.

We have more than one brain and we are able to solve problems and hide without anyone being able to discover our stalking. We know how to defend ourselves against our adversaries, it does not matter if it is a shark or a human.

We do not have bones that allows us to escape from the impossible.

Plastic is not our problem, we can survive it.

Our biggest enemy is the human who cuts us into pieces for salad.

The human that warms up the world while destroying our ecosystem.

This miserly human.

This greedy human.

But there is something unknown of us, we have memory and rancor,

on the day of the uprising we will fight to death.