Author: xandi

Quiksilver and Roxy Initiatives

Sustainable development at Quiksilver is first and foremost a mind set.  It’s about breaking down assumptions about how things are done; it’s about collaborating and sharing new ideas and innovative concepts;  it’s about being creative in re-thinking our business processes in ways that make us not only more efficient, but also more environmentally and socially responsible.

Skeleton Sea live art installation at the MadNes festival on Ameland

At the invitation of the Netherland Surfrider Foundation, the artist group Skeleton Sea  appeared as guests at the MadNes Festival which took place on Ameland last week 24/25/26 June. The MadNes Festival is the largest surfing, skating and music festival in the Netherlands. Over 20 bands and DJs came from both the Netherlands and abroad and were providing a musical programme which is quite rich in variety. Furthermore, visitors could take part in several workshops for surfing, skating, skimboarding and some green green workshops , such as how to make a solar pannel or electricity by windpower. Within the scope of the three-day festival, Skeleton Sea was creating an impressive ‘Trash Tube’ out of the refuse and rubbish found during a beach cleaning the day before the festival started. The monumental piece of artwork stands as a memorial to preserve the oceans and will help to vividly bring across the message “Keep our oceans clean” to hundreds of festival visitors in a visual manner. Skeleton Sea and Surfrider Foundation decided to leave the Trash Tube …

Skeleton Sea in Vienna

We just came back from our 2 day visit at the Blue Tomato Shop in Vienna, where we used old flip flops from the shops customers to create a flip flop sufboard. For more about our little exhibition and the creation of the board visit the Blue Tomato blog. The Austrian newspaper “Kurier” did a nice interview with us too. Check it out here.

Skeleton Sea – Kenia Project

February 2011 Our mission in Kenia should be a common project together with an environment conservation group. Julie Church the  organizer  and manager of this group, called Uniqueco, invited us to come. What they do is basicly clean beaches and specially collect flipflops, recycle or upcycle flipflops to artcrafts, educate and involve local people to collect rubbish from the beach and keep the oceans clean and finally create a market to sell these artcrafts and help the poor people to make a lifing. We found this idea very interesting  and decided to help them promoting their project on our side. The first days we visited the main workshop where all the collected flipflops go and being treated through different processes until the sculptores can carve them to their unique artcrafts.